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  • Install and Run
    Q.I have Xign code error code 0xE019101A

    If you downloaded or played any games through an unapproved route or source, please delete all related files then try running our client again.

  • Error/Bug
    Q.‘Failed to apply the patch’ message

    Sometimes when updating the launcher, the updated files can be damaged while they are downloading due to unstable network latency issues.

    In these cases, you can use the ‘Check File’ button on the launcher in order to download and repair the damaged files, which will resolve the problem.

  • Game Contents
    Q.How do I extract a crystal?

    In order to extract crystals, you must talk to the blacksmith NPC while owning 'Crystal Extraction Tool' or 'Black Spirit Essence'.

    You can purchase the 'Crystal Extraction Tool' from the Loyalties Shop, and the 'Black Spirit Essence' from the Pearl Shop.

    You can extract crystal by right-clicking the item in the Inventory or the Pearl Inventory.

    If you try to extract a crystal without having a 'Crystal Extraction Tool' or 'Black Spirit Essence', it can get deleted (destroyed) instead of getting extracted.

    Please make sure you've selected the tool before extraction.

  • Game Contents
    Q.The enhancement level for my fishing rod went down.

    You can enhance some fishing rods like Balenos Fishing Rod or Calpheon Fishing Rod.
    When the Enhancement Level for these fishing rods are above +7, the Enhancement Level will decrease with a fixed chance.

    If you try to enhance a +7 Balenos Fishing Rod to +8 but fail, the Enhancement Level could go down to +6.

    This is the same for the float that you use for fishing.
    Please take this into consideration when you are enhancing your fishing rod.

  • Game Contents
    Q.I have materials in storage, but says I don't have materials for crafting.

    If you get a system message saying that there are not enough materials in your Storage when you do,
    please check if your Worker is working in a town with materials in it.

    For example,even if you send Calpheon Workers to the Heidel Workshop, you can still command them to work.
    But since they work with the materials in Calpheon instead of Heidel, there needs to be crafting materials in Calpheon.