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  • How to increase my Contribution Points?

    Contribution Points are very useful in Black Desert.

    You can use the Contribution Points and purchase a house and use it as a Workshop, Storage or an Investment Bank.
    You can also invest in Production Nodes and order workers to start production.
    Just like when your character levels up after accumulating enough EXP,
    you can earn 1 Contribution Point when your Contribution EXP reaches a certain level.

    The most basic way to earn Contribution Point is by completing a quest.
    If you carry out all the quests that gives you Contribution EXP, you'll be able to earn Contribution EXP and earn Contribution Points as a result.

  • I can't change my server.

    There is a 15-minute wait time before changing servers.
    You can change the server freely after 15 minutes.

    Please note, there is no wait time on servers with a Node/Conquest War in progress.

  • Can I add more than 10 skills on the slots?

    If you wish to add more than 10 skills in the slots, you should use the Auto-align Quick Slot function from ESC - Game setting.

    20 slots get created when you set Auto-align Quick Slot function. You can either display/hide or change the location of the slots from ESC - UI edit menu.

    You can use more quick slots through this menu, and move it to a position you like.
    But the Quick Slot setting gets saved in your PC, so you need to set it again when you connect to a game in a different place.

  • My character's level went up, but the Enhancement is not going up.

    The Enhancement in your 'Character Information' menu does not increase according to your level.
    The character 'Enhancement' in this case, increases with items and other effects.

    The different types of Enhancement are - Attack Speed, Casting Speed, Movement Speed, Critical Hit, Fishing Skills, Gathering Skills and Luck.
    Each category goes up to a maximum of 5 levels. You can increase your Enhancement level if you equip, crafting equipment, consuming foods or elixirs or by applying guild skill effects.

    Be aware that the Enhancement can become negative(-) due to debuffs placed on your character or from Enhancement decrease effects.

    • Attack Speed: You can attack faster when your level goes up. The characters such as Warrior, Ranger, Berserker, Tamer, Musa, Maehwa, Kunoichi, Ninja, Dark Night, Striker, Mystic gets affected by Attack Speed when using skills.

    • Casting Speed: You can cast a skill faster when your level goes up. Sorceress, Valkyrie, Witch,Wizard gets affected by Casting Speed when using skills.

    • Movement Speed: You can move faster when your level goes up.

    • Critical Hit: You'll have higher chances of Critical Hit when your level goes up.

    • Fishing Skill: The time it takes to catch a fish will be shorter your level goes up.

    • Gathering Skill: The time it takes to gather will be shorter when your level goes up.

    • Luck: The time it takes to earn an item will be shorter when your level goes up.

  • My character is stuck at level 49.

    What if your level stops at 49.99 and doesn't reach level 50?
    You might not have finished the Black Spirit's quest to defeat the Giant Catfishman Qoobe.

    If you haven't finished this quest, your level will not reach 50 no matter how much you hunt monsters.

    When you reach level 49, you can get the '[To Level 50!] Giant Catfishman Qoobe' quest from the Black Spirit, so we recommend you to finish the quest before you go hunting.

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