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  • My character is stuck at level 49.

    What if your level stops at 49.99 and doesn't reach level 50?
    You might not have finished the Black Spirit's quest to defeat the Giant Catfishman Qoobe.

    If you haven't finished this quest, your level will not reach 50 no matter how much you hunt monsters.

    When you reach level 49, you can get the '[To Level 50!] Giant Catfishman Qoobe' quest from the Black Spirit, so we recommend you to finish the quest before you go hunting.

  • I don't have enough slots in my inventory.

    When you first create your character, you will have 16 inventory slots available.
    If you don't expand your inventory, you might find it difficult.
    You can try the following to expand your inventory.

    1. Finish a quest that gives Inventory Slot Expansion items as a reward
    - You can earn Inventory Slot Expansion as a reward by completing the Black Spirit's quests (main quest).There are other quests that allows you to expand your inventory.
    You can check the quest by selecting 'Suggested Quests' in the Quests ( Hotkey O) window.

    2. Purchase an Inventory Expansion Coupon from the Pearl Shop
    - You can purchase Inventory Expansion Coupons from the Pearl Shop.
    Once used, your character's maximum inventory will be expanded permanently (up to a maximum of 192 slots).

    3. Purchase a Value Package (temporary expansion)
    A Value Package will add 16 slots to your inventory temporarily.
    When the Value Package expires, the slots will decrease again.
    If an item was placed in one of the expanded slots, you will not be able to use it until you drag that item to a free slot.

  • The money I put into storage is gone.

    In Black Desert, storage warehouses in each town is run separately from each other.
    So you won't be able to check or use your silver for Town A in Town B.

    Try checking the storage in the town that you stored the silver in.

    If you want to move the silver from Town A, use the Storage Keeper NPC's Currency Exchange function to convert it to Gold Ingots.
    Now you can transport it to a different town.

  • Do I have to finish all the quests?

    If you want a full experience into the detailed world of Black Desert, we recommend that you go at your own pace completing one or two quests at a time.
    If you would rather level up faster, we recommend that you focus on the Main Quests that the Black Spirit gives you then back to the other ones later.

    You will reach level 50 rather easily if you keep completing the Main quests.
    You can see the quest order by clicking the 'Main' tab in the Quests menu ( Hotkey O ).

  • I'm not sure which skill to choose!

    Are you unsure about which skills to pick out of all the skills you can choose from?

    Don't worry! If you're under level 56, you can reset your skill tree if you click on 'Reset All' at any time.
    The first tier of most skills (except special skills) are automatically acquired when you reach certain levels.
    You can check out the skills you like and invest your skill points into upgrading it.

    When you try out different skills, you'll develop preferences for specific ones.
    Then you can invest available skill points to make that skill stronger.

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