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  • There is remaining Worker stamina, but it stopped the repetitive task.

    If your Worker stops while they were on repetitive task, and their Stamina hasn't run out yet, check if the town's storage is full.
    The Worker will keep on working only if there is more than 1 slot available in the storage.

  • The town Guard is attacking me!

    The Guard attacks Adventurers with negative Karma, and Adventurers who gets caught stealing things.
    If you were attacked when your character's Karma is not negative, please check to see if you clicked on 'Stealing' from behind the NPC by accident.

  • The crystal that I transfused on the equipment is gone.

    The crystal that you inserted in the equipment through transfusion can be destroyed at a certain chance when your character dies.

    If you didn't extract the crystal with a Crystal Extraction Tool or destroyed it in the Transfusion Window with a right-click, please check if your character died because of a monster.

    If your character dies because of another Adventurer, the crystal will not get destroyed unless you have negative Karma.

  • It says my horse is that Northern Neutral Zone. Where is it?

    The Northern Neutral Zone is not a Node so you can't find it in the World Map Node List.
    But there is a Stable Keeper at Northern Neutral Zone.

    The Stable Keeper of the Northern Neutral Zone is Oliviero, and he is at the bottom left section of Northern Plain of Serendia.

  • I want to erase a skill.

    In order for a you to get all the Skill Points back by deleting the skills your character learned, or to get all the Skill Points back through All Reset, your character's level needs to be below level 56.

    If your character's level is below 56, you can click 'Reset All Combat Skill Point' and reset all the skills that the characters has learned. The character will get back all the Skill Points that was spent as well.

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