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  • I want to erase a skill.

    In order for a you to get all the Skill Points back by deleting the skills your character learned, or to get all the Skill Points back through All Reset, your character's level needs to be below level 56.

    If your character's level is below 56, you can click 'Reset All Combat Skill Point' and reset all the skills that the characters has learned. The character will get back all the Skill Points that was spent as well.

  • I used remote collection for my horse but it went somewhere else.

    If the remotely collected horse has items in its Inventory, it will be collected to a stable of a town near the horse rather than the character.

    In this case, you can get your horse back by talking to the Stable Keeper NPC in the town that the horse was collected.

    Also, if there were trade items such as coins in the Mount Inventory, some of it might get destroyed and get deleted.
    Please keep this in mind when you're remotely collecting a horse.


  • My horse died, where can I get it back?

    If your horse icon disappeared all of a sudden, it means that your horse has been attacked and has been moved to the stable.

    You can recover and retrieve your wounded horse by talking to the Stable Keeper NPC.
    You can recover your wounded horse even if you're not in the town where you previously stored your horse.

    But if you don't have the cost of recovery ready in inventory or storage, you can't recover or find your horse, so you should always travel with some funds in your inventory just in case.


  • The trade item on my horse disappeared.

    If some of the trade items you've stored in the Mount Inventory disappears,
    it might be because you remotely collected your horse or because you recovered a wounded horse.

    If your mount dies and gets remotely collected, some of the trade items in the Mount Inventory can get destroyed and disappear.
    So if you're transporting with trade items on the mount, you should be careful so that your mount doesn't die from the attack of rogues, monsters or other Adventurers.

  • How can I increase the Amity with an NPC?

    You can increase Amity through different methods.The easiest way is through a conversation.
    You just need to start a conversation with a NPC, and the most important thing here is the 'Requirement'.
    If you don't fulfill the requirement, you can't get any rewards.

    You also need to have enough Knowledge in things NPC is interested in, as well as enough Energy.
    You can have a conversation with the NPC when you have Knowledge that falls within the NPC's interest.
    But the amount of Energy that you need to use while having a conversation can increase depending on the Amity.

    The NPC's Zodiac sign appears when you start a conversation with the NPC.
    Carry on with the conversation by right-clicking or dragging the Knowledge icon located at the bottom of the empty circle .

    There is Interest Level and Favor in Knowledge.
    Here, the effect is different depending on the Interest Level and the Favor you have with the NPC you talking to.
    The Interest Level means success rate and the Favor you gain is related Amity that you earn at the end of the conversation.

    When you have a successful conversation, you should try talking to them again.
    Energy will not get spent when you have consecutive conversations,and you will get more Amity if you succeed.
    But if you fail, you won't get the Amity you just earned so you should be cautious.

    Another way to increase Amity is by greeting the NPC.
    You can increase the Amity by greeting the NPC even if you don't have Knowledge in things NPC is interested in.
    You should definitely use this method when you find it difficult to earn Knowledge that the NPC is interested in.
    You spend 3 Energy when you greet a NPC, and the Amity will increase by 3 as well.

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