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  • I retrieved my residence, and the container and items disappeared.

    If you retrieve a residence that you purchased,
    the container and the items that were installed in the residence will be returned to the town that the residence is located in.

    You can re-install all of the lost items except certain items such as wallpaper or floor materials which can only be used once.
    You can also get your Contribution Points back by re-installing or returning the container.

  • I can't move my character!

    If your character is stuck underneath the landscape or gets stuck between objects, you can use the Escape function to solve the problem.

    It allows you to move your character to a place nearby, and you can find it in the Menu (ESC).

    But there is a cooldown time after you use it.

  • I can't use the Character Slot Expansion.

    Character Slot Expansion Coupons allow you to expand the number of character slots your family possesses.

    You cannot use Character Slot Expansion Coupon if you are already at the maximum number of slots.
    (In this case, the item will not get used. The maximum number of Character Slots can be found on the Patch Note announced when the most recent new class was introduced)

    In this case, please send a ticket through Customer Service.
    We will collect the Character Slot Expansion coupon that you can't use and restore the Pearls that you used.

  • Can I see who I blocked in chat?

    Click the gear wheel icon on top of the chat window, and then click on [Block List] at the bottom left corner of the Chat Settings window.

    If you want to unblock, click the character's name and click on the [Delete] button.
    If you want to delete all of them, click on the [Delete All] button.

  • I'm not getting set effect from a Jarette's Accessory item.

    The Jarette's Accessory Set effect will be applied when you wear the 'Jarette's Earring','Jarette's Necklace', and 'Jarette's Ring' together.

    - 4-Set Effect: AP+5
    - 6-Set Effect: AP+10

    Even if you equip the set, the added AP is not displayed on equipment UI.
    But the effects will apply regardless, so there's no need to worry about the effects not applying properly.

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