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  • I pressed continuous production but I only got 1 item.

    In order to do Continuous Production, you need to put ingredients enough for 1 round in the Production window and press Continuous Production.

    For example, if you have the ingredients to make 10 craft items, put enough ingredients for 1 round in the Crafting Window and put the rest in the Inventory.

    If you press [Continuous production] button you will automatically spend the remaining ingredients and make 10 production items.

  • The ratio for alchemy is wrong.

    In order to perform alchemy, you need to know the exact ingredients.
    Even if you have all the ingredients, you might fail if you don't have the right amount.

    If you put 2 ingredients when you need 3, you will have less chance of succeeding.
    If you put more than 3 ingredients, you will succeed by a 100% chance.
    Part of the fun is finding out the perfect balance mixing various ingredients.

  • I can't exchange my pet.

    When you are exchanging pets, you can only exchange the same species type.
    If there is a difference of more than 1 tier, you cannot exchange the pet.

    -Tier 1 + Tier 2 : can exchange
    -Tier 1 + Tier 3 : cannot exchange

    All the pets available in the shop are Tier 1, and you can get pets above Tier 2 through exchanging pets only.

  • What happens to the dye when Merv's Palette expires?

    Merv's Palette is a temporary item that allows you to dye items for a certain period of time.

    The dye information will be initialized after the expiration date, and it will continue if you extend the period.
    If you want to use it on a equipment that is already dyed, use the bleach to initialize the dye and use the Palette.

  • I sold a fish that I caught, but I didn't get the full price.

    In order to sell the fish that you caught at its original price, the node in the area that you want to sell the fish in and the origin must be connected.
    If it isn't, you'll only get 30% of the original price. You need the Contribution Points to connect the Nodes between the origin and the place of sale.

    You can check the origin of the fish by hovering your mouse over the fish item.
    If the origin and the selling node are not connected, you'll get 30% of the full price.

    If you do Imperial Delivery fishing while the origin and selling points are connected, you can sell it at 250% of the original price.

    Connecting the Nodes is very easy if you have enough Contribution Points.
    If you have node A-B-C-D and you want to connect from node A to Node D, you can go to the Node Managers one by one and invest Contribution Points.

    If you currently have the Value Package active, you can invest in nodes through the World Map without visiting having to visit each of them.

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