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  • I can't use the Inventory Expansion Coupon.

    The maximum number of slots you can have is 192, and once you are at the maximum, you cannot use the Inventory Expansion Coupon on that character.
    If you want to use the 'Inventory Expansion Coupon + 16' you need to have 176 slots or less in your Inventory (at least 16 slots available for expansion).

    If your inventory is temporarily increased from the Value Package effects, you should try again after the Value Package expires.

    If you purchased an item with cash and haven't used it yet, you can move it to another character within your family. So you can use it on another character by putting it in storage to be retrieved by the character you want later.

  • I made a guild but I don't have Guild Skills. How can I learn them?

    You can acquire Guild Skills through Guild Points.
    Guild Point increases as your guild carries out guild missions or the levels and life skills of your guild members increase.
    Your guild can learn Guild Skills by spending the acquired Guild Points.

  • How do I register a Guild Emblem?

    In order to register a Guild Emblem, you need the Guild Emblem certificate.
    You can buy it from a Guild Manager NPC with 100,000 guild funds.
    After you purchase a Guild Emblem certificate, you need to make a 'Gmark.png' picture file that is 60X60 pixels within the Black Desert/' folder and set it through the guild emblem register/change button in the Guild menu window (G).
    (You can register and change the Guild Emblem every Monday and it must conform to the the standards explained above)

  • What is a Guild Skill?

    Guild skill is an effect that gets applied to all guild members.
    There are two types of skills - the passive type, and the active type where the effect continues for a duration of time.

    Passive skills can be broken down into combat and life related skills.
    For combat related skills, there are skills enhancing Accuracy, Attack Power, Maximum HP, Damage Reducing Skills and skills that increases Siege Weapon Damage Resistance.
    For life related skills, there are skills enhancing Gathering, Fishing levels and decreasing the chance of a trade item being destroyed.

    Active skills include the 'Call of the Lord' skill that increases the Maximum XP of guild members for a duration of time, the 'Experienced Cry' skill that calls all guild members to the location of the Guild Master and increases their combat and life EXP gain by 10%.
    When using Guild Skills, you need [Guild] Pledge of the Blood.

  • Does the fee get exempted if I sell a cash item at Marketplace?

    You do not have to pay fees when you sell a cash item at the Pearl Shop for the first time.
    This applies to all the Pearl Shop Items that you've purchased for the 1st time, and you can check if the fee will be applied or not through the (T) sign on the icon that you've purchased.

    But the Value Package effect (Marketplace Collection +30%) will not apply.

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