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  • I can't buy the item that I pre-ordered at the marketplace.

    The item registered on the Marketplace will be pre-ordered with a fixed chance.

    The Adventurer who ordered the item at the highest price will get the item.
    It's kind of like a mind game, so take a look at the price constantly and adjust the price if you need to.
    If you really want the item, you should consider ordering it 2~3 times higher than the average price.

    You can cancel pre-order at 'Manage pre-order', and you can get back the silver coins that you've invested when you cancel the order.

  • I want to buy something, but they don't sell it at the shop!

    If you can't find an item you want from the NPC, try the marketplace!
    There is no player-to-player trade system in Black Desert, but you can trade with all Adventurers in Black Desert through the Marketplace.

    You need to go see the NPC in order to use the Marketplace.
    But these NPCs are located only in big towns such as Velia, Heidel, Calpheon and Valencia City.

    You can use the Marketplace right away when you visit the Marketplace Director NPC.
    You can buy and sell almost anything.

    Please keep in mind that when you are purchasing an item with silver in storage, you can only use the silver coins stored in that town.

  • How do I withdraw the contribution points that I invested on storage and residence?

    In order to retrieve the Contribution Points that you invested in storage or residence, click the house's address and then click [Sell] button.

    1. Open World Map (Hotkey: M)
    2. Click on the town or city where the Storage you've purchased is located.
    3. Click the address of the residence that you're using as Storage.


  • Can I move weight limits to another character?

    The weight limit gained from a Weight Limit Increase item gets bound to the character.

    So you can't apply it to another character, and we don't provide any means to transfer weight limits.
    Please be careful when you're choosing which character to apply the item.

  • What is character transport?

    If you select 'Transport' from the Disconnect window, you can move your character to a location you want. But this function is only available in a village/town.

    In order to transport, you should have already visited the town at least once before. You cannot transport to a town you've never visited before.
    ※ If you are in the desert, you can move within the desert area. (You can't transport to an area outside of the desert)

    You can reserve a transport for free, and your character will be moved while you're playing the game with another character.
    If you click 'Transport', the current character will be disconnected, and you will be logged into another character that you possess.

    The transport takes about 60 minutes.
    If you connect to a character before the transport is complete, it will not go through.
    If you don't have any other characters to switch to, you can't use the transport function.

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