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  • What is character transport?

    If you select 'Transport' from the Disconnect window, you can move your character to a location you want. But this function is only available in a village/town.

    In order to transport, you should have already visited the town at least once before. You cannot transport to a town you've never visited before.
    ※ If you are in the desert, you can move within the desert area. (You can't transport to an area outside of the desert)

    You can reserve a transport for free, and your character will be moved while you're playing the game with another character.
    If you click 'Transport', the current character will be disconnected, and you will be logged into another character that you possess.

    The transport takes about 60 minutes.
    If you connect to a character before the transport is complete, it will not go through.
    If you don't have any other characters to switch to, you can't use the transport function.

  • My character is moving slowly.

    If your character's movement speed is slower all of a sudden, you should check if the weight warning sign is active in the top right corner of your screen.

    If you're carrying more items or silver coins than your character can carry, you will become slower and won't be able to jump among other things.

    The character also becomes slower when it has a trade item on its back.

    In this case, sell the item to a trade merchant or store some silver coins and items in storage. Your character will restored to normal speed.

  • Can I get a guide to my destination?

    Since the Black Desert world is so big, it offers a great navigation system.

    If you set the destination by right clicking on the World Map, the guide appears on the game screen. You can also see this navigation on the normal game screen.

    You won't get lost if you just pay close attention to the world map.

    Also if you click 'Auto Loop' (Hotkey 'T'), your character will move to the destination automatically.

    Please refer to the Game Guide to learn about the various ways to find your way in Black Desert.

  • How do I take a screenshot and where do I find it?

    Did you come across beautiful scenery while traveling the Black Desert world? Or is your character just too stunning?
    You can save it as a screenshot and share it with other Adventurers.

    If you press [Print Screen] while in the game, you can take a screenshot.
    It will get saved to Documents\Black Desert\ScreenShot folder.

    Tips for better pictures:

    1) Delete UI
    The UI might clog up your screen and ruin an otherwise good picture.
    Press Ctrl + U. The UI will disappear.

    You can activate or deactivate the mouse cursor with the Ctrl key, and change the location of the camera with the direction key (↑←↓→) while the UI is gone.
    But you can't use quick slot skills, items in the inventory, and some Hotkeys while the UI is gone.

    2) Depth of Field
    What if you want to focus on your character rather than the scenery?
    You should check the depth of field in the game option.

    If you check the depth of field and hide the UI with Ctrl + U, the background becomes dim and the character will become more defined.
    If you want the background to be sharp as well, you should uncheck the depth of field.

    3) Photo Filter
    You can make the picture prettier with the photo filter option.
    Take your own screenshots using the mood/color filters you want and add the effects you like!

  • I want to see only the chats that I want.

    It might be difficult for you to find the information you need if all the chats are displayed together.

    You can choose to types of chat that you want to display and the hide the ones you don't want to see.
    Or you can divide the chat window so that you can have several windows in one screen.

    If you click the + icon located at the top of the chat window, it will become a separate chat window, and you can move it to a location you want through the Edit UI menu.
    You can use this function and make separate chats for your Party, Guild, Channel Group chats and so on.

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