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  • The screen makes me dizzy!

    If you ever feel dizzy from the camera movement or rotation, you can control the settings to reduce screen shaking.

    There are 'Camera Shake Settings','Camera Afterimage Effects','Camera Angle Effect(Actions Only) Settings, 'Camera Zoom In/Out Effect (Action Only)','Adjust Vision Range' in screen effects, and you can change it to suit your style and enjoy the game without feeling dizzy.

    [Control screen effects]

    Move to [Menu]-[Settings]-[Screen] and adjust the screen effect (scroll to adjust).

  • How do I capture A wild horse?

    You can buy and register a horse emblem from the stable merchant and own a horse.
    But stable merchant only offers Tier 1 horse, so you might want something better.

    The wild horses roaming around the Black Desert world are found with tiers from 1 to 5, so it might be a good idea to buy a capturing rope and capture a horse yourself.

    You should use the ropes on the wild horses, and attract their attention by using a lump of raw sugar.

  • How do I find the NPC?

    There are a huge number of NPCs present in Black Desert.
    So if you just started the game, it might be difficult for you to find an NPC that you need.

    Then you should use the 'Find NPC' function.

    The Mini Map is located at the top right corner of the screen, and there is a magnifying glass icon next to it.
    When you click it, the 'Nearby NPC' window will pop up.

    If you click the icon of the type of NPC you are looking for, the way to the nearest NPC from your current location will be highlighted.

    You can also search the name of an NPC that you've already met through the 'Find NPC' window.
    By pressing 'T' after selecting an NPC, your character will auto-navigate towards them.


  • The NPC is gone!

    The NPCs in Black Desert are special.
    Some NPCs are around at all times, while others are only available during night or day, and some are available only during the weekdays or weekends.

    If you don't see the NPC that you want to interact with, you can try visiting at other times.
    If you have Knowledge about the NPC, check out their working hours.

  • How do I increase my energy?

    In the world of Black Desert, Energy and Knowledge are closely linked.
    Your Energy goes up as your Knowledge increases.

    Talk with all the NPCs in a town and visit new locations.
    It will increase your maximum Energy.

    Please refer to the following guide if you want to increase your Energy more efficiently.

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