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  • ‘Failed to apply the patch’ message

    Sometimes when updating the launcher, the updated files can be damaged while they are downloading due to unstable network latency issues.

    In these cases, you can use the ‘Check File’ button on the launcher in order to download and repair the damaged files, which will resolve the problem.

  • How do I change the launcher language?

    Please follow these steps to change the launcher language settings.

    1. Start the launcher and click on the “setting” icon on the upper right corner.

    2. Use the arrow on the bottom of the setting menu, to change the language to English and confirm the change.

  • The file restoration takes too long.

    It will take less time than reinstalling the game, but it may take a long time depending on the corruption of your file and the internet speed.

  • When I install it again after shutdown, it starts from 0%!

    This is a process to check the previously installed file, and downloading the rest. The total amount that needs to be downloaded should be smaller.

  • I keep getting errors during installation or patching process!

    Please end launcher and run it again. 
    If the same problem occurs again, please run 'File Check'.

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