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Sescho 2017-12-13 11:08
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so there is a protest in almost every region in the world about p2w things...the most recent is MENA server here it is

my point is what u guys stands about this ? this is a good thing while our servers havent been up yet so we can discuss about this topic

to sum it up the problems are : 
1.unlimited pearl item sales ingames which makes the game too p2w
2.Valk's Cry ingame (in short about valks cry

before something like this (protest) happening in our region too i suggest we might following EA/NU about this pearls item per week or month for example and no valks cry ingame

thoughts ? please be civil :)


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i agree!!
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it's not p2w, it's rich 2 win, would you pay 6000 USD for 2.6b silver? While the $/Silver sucks, many ppl will have access to pearl items and the publisher will have more money to run servers.
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ya its rich to win but anyways u got the point - i know its inevitable for the pearls selling into silver ingame but thats not the issue the real concern here its just make a limit for it
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i Agree
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agree, limit for pearl item, no valk cry
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This is SEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA . All beggars depend on P2W. Are you guys from bygone communist era or socialist party. SEA no longer have communism ideology. Need valk cry cos' many of u cry of p2w. omg.
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don't be a hypocrite, by limiting it to X amount is just the same thing, it's either you are in against what you called P2W or you aren't.
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So either vote for NO pearl items at all can be sold in the marketplace, or just forget it.
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I think most want P2W. Nobody want to P2L = Play to Lose
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MENA servers limiting their pearls item in marketplace
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yes limit pearls item in marketplace for sea too
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no pearls items = no server = no game

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The consistent players will still hit softcap, just slower than the p2w ones. After softcap it's really a pain to even p2w to progress. 6k down the drain with one tet ogre fail.
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What I'm concern with is this p2w will turn new and veteran players away from the game. PA has to manage the extent of p2w to keep their player base and profits.
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I'm playing this game as a single player game 99% of the time in NA, and that 1% is either nw/siege or scroll/grind groups. imho this game needs more fun content than more ways to grind and progress.
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nw/siege is fun, but it's gs gated and gs disparity can ruin fun for the losing guild. that is a huge problem if p2w is what caused the gs disparity.
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yep thats why there is protest in MENA and other servers about this topic...pearls selling is inevitable but at least it can be slowdown a in NA/EU for example they already make it limited
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