April purchase event
ChoaYa 2018-03-31 05:29
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I am just wondering if I buy 1000 pearls(event 2) do I get 100 pearls extra from buying 500 pearls(event 1) Or do I have to buy them separately?

Does it stack? if I buy 2 640 pearl box does it count?


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Would love to know this as well
I missed out on this by buying the pets yesterday lol
do they like announce deals like these earlier somewhere? or just have to be lucky?
Anyone tried this yet? how is the pearls going to be present to us?
im really dissapointed. Today i bought 1600pearls (1600 Acoin) and didnt get any bonus as the event promises. No notice ingame mail, no items in webstorage, just nothing.
We appreciate your interest in our event. For clarification regarding this matter, please do contact us via Customer Support. Thank you.
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