[Clockwork Guild] The journey begins
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We are who controls Time. Yet bounded by the Clock.

Overloooking the bustling city, Heidel, a lone witch can be seen sitting atop a roof. She looked on with mild interest as the traders went about their business, adventurers dealing with merchants and groups of people laughing together on the the lively streets.

Hearing footsteps followed by the sound of __metal cracking clay shingles, she stood up and dusted off her dress as a warrior carefully made his way next to her. His armor gleaming from the sun, almost blinding. "What now?" he questioned in a low voice.

Raising her staff, she answered in a serious tone. “..Summon the 12. It’s time we gather.” Grinning wickedly, she continued “..They haven’t a clue what’s coming.”

Your Time is yours The world shall Tik Tok before us.

Character Name Yumin
Main Character Witch
Lv 58
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