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new/returning login rewards
AuraInscythe 2018-05-13 11:51
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newbies get 1 free pet, 6+2 inv exp,, unloyal returning players get 2 pets,2 advice of valks, 2+2 inv exp, 40 memfrags, 20 artmems, t5 horse, and loyal players get absolutely nothing. 

why hasn't the whole forum been filled with posts about this? is it because most players are too lazy to read up on updates?

and as if a couple of pets for unloyal players isnt enough, PA wants to give em 20 artisan memories (worth 20x1000 loyalties) and 40 mem frags.

meanwhile loyal players who play a month dont even make 20k loyalty points. 

why isnt the whole loyal playerbase complaining?

i expect the rewards to be retracted or better rewards for loyal players. 

if this keeps up we gonna leave for a month since returning rewards are so much better than constantly logging on everyday, hoping for a mp pet snipe which the whole community is after.


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Exactly loyal players who play through their bullshit get nothing
2018-05-13 14:13 0
exactly!! i even made a ticket for it haha. loyal players login rewards are trash compared to the new/returning players
2018-05-13 15:57 0
and pearl abyss dont even mind because all that is in their minds is how they will make more money from people zzzzzzzzzzzz
2018-05-13 15:57 0
Like i said in my complaint post, wait until Artisan Memory reward day really hit live. The uproar "probably" be heard, i hope...
2018-05-13 19:16 0
Hello AuraInscythe,
Our team will be more than happy to assist you with your concern. Please send us a CS ticket at:
2018-05-13 22:56 0
whats the point of staying when loyal players dont get anything.
They trying to get more players to play or play back the game.
2018-05-14 11:21 0
And giving us (Loyal Players) nothing cause they know that we will still play after all the bulls***
2018-05-14 11:22 0
GM's logic are beyond *******
2018-05-15 00:53 0
just asking how many days being offline before we are tagged as returning player? and when is exactly the event starts? maybe we can stop playing to become one so we can get those f*cking rewards..
2018-05-15 10:25 0
easy t5 horse and 2 pet and inv slots for returning and new. great gms. so f*cking great.
2018-05-15 12:26 0
MoThor unless u didnt play from 10 april to 10 may u wont get it
2018-05-15 12:45 0
=( how come I only got 1 pet though. Just returned yesterday since I've use up my guest pass last December/January lol
2018-05-15 13:51 0
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No I guess delusional people that back to the game will be happy to paid when they back game and found out there is so many stuff


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# 3


There's actually more than that!
The Catch up mechanics in BDO made new players get to softcap gears in less than 3 months some lucky guys gets softcap gears in a month!


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I don't really see them as rewards, more like catch up mechanics so they can start enjoying content with where the rest/majority of the playerbase are.

Loyal peeps are able to take advantage of the events and promotions that they have otherwise missed. Additionally, loyal peeps have that advantage over those who are new or who have returned by simply playing the game; i.e. how much trashloot, scrolls, items etc worth of silver that they would have otherwised been able to farm if they started the game earlier or continued playing.

"newbies get 1 free pet, 6+2 inv exp,, unloyal returning players get 2 pets,2 advice of valks, 2+2 inv exp, 40 memfrags, 20 artmems, t5 horse" 

Imagine you started just now, or if you are a returning player that quit last year right before christmas season. Then, in november-decmeber of last year alone; we had an event where many people were able to amass over 2k+ memory fragments, i myself got 3.5k-ish. We had a couple character slots from loyalties, we had free boss gear handed out, tons of promotions/sales on the pearl shop, advice of valks (50) x4, the daily rewards from logins, the black spirit attendance, an event where we were all pooping enhancement materials; as in 1k sharp + 1k hards by the end of the event (i got less as i don't grind much, but i was clsoe while many of my other guildmates/friends/other peeps had an average of that much)

Now think of the guild rewards that they have also missed which includes a pet, other seasonal events i.e. temerian or the recent thanksgiving fishing events.

All of that you have listed pretty much pales into comparison to what loyal peeps have enjoyed. Sure, it sounds ''unfair'' that new/returnees get goodies just like that, but it is also an opportunity cost in terms of time. We had it, they didn't. 

With much progression to be made by newer peeps and returning peeps to get to where the meta is; it'd suck to lose these peeps if they feel they can't compete with the meta so this push is like a hook to them to keep them in the game, to help them continue with their journy. Additionally; the meta won't wait for new/returning peeps, without a healthy population they too will eventually quit. Hence; catchup mecahnics.

Don't get me wrong, I feel that they are quite generous to the new and returning players and loyal peeps could use some love as well.

I think the catchup mechanics should be better implemented instead : new playrs get get stuff after x levels or x time to hook them into the game; same with returnees, as in you can only claim items after x activity/hours/level rather than just giving it out like candy. That way it can incetivize them into playing the game. A goal to acheive, as peeps get compalcant if things are handed out to them.


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# 5

No good rewards for new and returning, they won't bother playing or going back. But loyal players should be rewarded even more. Loyalty points don't help that much either in my opinion. PA should add more stuff in loyalty shop.


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# 6

There was 1 day Value Pack for Loyalty in NA idk if its still there.


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