Sad Node War Conditions in SEA.
DeathWind 2018-07-06 15:02
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Edit Date : 2018-07-06

Theres literally no contest with Medium and Large guild shamefully sniping the node by setting up naked fort with only few attending war even in T3 node. No challenge when we face them and no sportmanships. sniping guild is almost like exploiting to gain tax which is widespread. 1-10 member active and the rest AFK. 

Whats with the laziness of non XL SEA guild. No fighting spirits and expect to get free tax revenue. Might as well merge with other Guild. 

Its time the system revamped, require half of guild members and GM to attend the node war if they wish to snipe. If the guild are only one but below 50% of members attend. Node war win forfeited. PA make this changes aside Season 5 War implementing soon

Sad state of SEA node war recently. Make the players pay for not being serious to attent the node war. Thanks PA

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FeedbackTopicSad Node War Conditions in SEA.

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