[Item] Shiny Golden Seal [Conquest]
Gerv 2018-07-12 09:01
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You know that seal that you get when you killed bandit that coming while carrying trade item ? yeah thats very seal that can be exchanged with magic butcher / pickaxe. You also can exchange those with Black Essence for your Harphia / black spirit crystal. Yeah I know how hard it is watching your horse walk (because it cant run) with those big bag on it.

What if I tell you that you can farm those seal casually (while travelling into world boss) or even actively (run across bandits location) without penalty in your horse speed ?

What you need:
1. Around 5704 Silver
2. T5 Horse minimum (not tested it with tier below 5)
3. Drift + Instant Accel / Sprint not mandatory, but very helpful when you're actively collecting those seal

What to do:
1. Go to Glish Trade Manager NPC
2. Buy 1 "Freharau's Dry Mud"
3. Pack it on your horse

Thats it, now your horse carrying trade item without those big bag. you can still use skill like Drift + IA / Sprint to travel faster.

1. Can use skill like Drift + IA / Sprint
2. Happy horse (Animal abuse no more)

1. RIP 1 horse inventory slot
2. Slightly uncool your horse with that mini pack on the back (unless thats your style)

[Will update with picture later]

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