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Trailblazer 2018-07-24 08:51
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Tired of walking just to gather that 1 sheep that died too far from the flock and now you have to press W just to walk up to it? Well I have a solution for that! With this lifehack, you will be a gathering machine by minimizing movements and maximizing time and efficiency.


1.) Defeat the flock of sheeps

2.) Press 'Ctrl' and you should have your cursor out.


3.) Right click any sheep you desire and you should be able to see this icon



4.) Press R to gather the material from the sheep.


5.) Done! rinse and repeat above.


As you can see, you can also gather from a distance, unlike walking up to each of the sheeps.


(Normal method of gathering)



(200 IQ method gathering)



Issue: "How come I can't see my cursor when I press the ctrl key?"
Press escape, go to settings -> performance -> Interface settings and tick on "Use mouse to move".



Happy Gathering!


- Trailblazer, Ph. D, Master4 89%  Gatherer at Goat Mountain.

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Wow! With this I can gather way faster now!
2018-07-24 09:22
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