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Absence 2018-07-30 13:49
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Tip for PA.
Some issues with the current Support Team set up include:
- Being very vauge when responding to our tickets
- Not even answering your question/ticket at all and instead reply with something that leaves us even more confused and just annoyed.
- Some times not fixing issues to start with due to them not properly reading or not reading the ticket at all.
- Some times giving bot responses.

I played NA when it had launched. Their support team was quite bad on launch but they redeemed themselves later on. SEA support seems to be very bad in comparison.

I think that those on the Support Team need to be more open and less vauge with their responses to our tickets, as well as properly take in what we are saying in our tickets. I have seen Support give very confusing responses to tickets which just lead to annoyance because they didnt really comment at all on what we've said in the ticket we have sent. There needs to be more transparency and more effort put into the Support team.


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I agree. Actions > Words. I would love to see them working on our suggestions and problems than seeing them reply on us with "Rest assured we are taking note of this."
This is so true I just got threatened that they will ban my account for "Harassing" them. I just kept following up on a question they NEVER answered. CSR for this game is just disgusting
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