Thoughts about the “Remaster” and etc...
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In the beginning there was the...


Remaster. I quite find this word pretty endearing for game developers to talk about it in their game. It feels big and bold to hear it. But makes you wonder what could they be talking about? Before I even saw their showcase about their so called “Remaster”, I already had a lot of doubts because one thing. I’ve known Black Desert Online for a long time now and had been following it ever since 2014. It was last year that I’ve known about this graphics remaster thingy and they had a video on this. In all honesty it was a total disappointment for me. I just couldn’t get it why would they even bother at that time. So time passed by and didn’t bother about it anymore. So then just recently Aug 2, they announced that there will be a remaster for the game. My reaction was “Are they serious?”, one thing first sure why my reaction is like that is because of that video I saw last year with that YEBIS… I don’t know some kind of graphics injector. So I’m pretty skeptical at this point while waiting for the showcase.


Now Lookieee~


Upon the revealing of the “remaster”, especially where they showcased the graphics. Though in all honesty they had a much better presentation now compared to the last one. So same thing as last year they have this YEBIS injector I think. But mostly there was a lot more to see now. It’s beautiful to look at, but there’s one thing I really didn’t like on how they manage to render their dynamic range to an overblown white. I was like “are you freaking kidding me?”. I mean they said on their showcase with it improved HDR rendering. The only thing that I really liked about that graphical showcase was that water rendering, they really did a good job on that. I was hoping for more shots for that though because it was all overblown by that bad dynamic range. I really hated that. Also I was expecting for new high resolution textures in this game, but sadly while looking through the showcase I wasn't able to see one while it was being side by side comparission. So it pulled me down a bit more. Then there's the real time local reflection or screen space reflection. meh. Goes the depth of field also. meh. The volumetric clouds. meh. The anamorphic flares. Now this one bites the dust for the damn flares were to bright and too wide and like every where to begin with. Like "What the heck are they doing?" Next would, uhmm last say, probably a few only noticed this while it was showcased, but I'm pretty sure most of the people who played the game have noticed this. The hair of the character.  Now we're talking. Upon seing that lil-showcased with the Striker and noticing that the hair now has proper lighting compared to our current one. You know I was really happy when I saw this because it really looks awful to was is live now at this date. 


Basically I didn't find the graphical showcase of the game, much as to be called Remaster. Calling it remaster, but not much really changed. Question is, what is Remaster for them? But hey. It's what they want to call it. Simply the graphical showcase was about on how to make Black Desert more shiny than ever before. That’s it. welp they succeeded upon it.


Let's Sparkle Up Bois!


Now fore the musical score and etc. Now this is where I wasn’t disappointed when it was showcased because pretty much I don’t usually mute my BDO and I do even like to listen to some of its OST while playing the game. Now upon hearing the remastered soundtrack pretty much it was cool, though some of it tracks still need works as I’ve heard it man especially that Enemy battle rock style music. I mean seriously all of the tracks sound so expounding and beautiful then goes this weird track - .. you know I can’t.


Now how should I say it...


So to conclude to what I really think about this remaster of them. It’s great that they have the time for it and the direction for them to actually pursue on something they want in the game, but it just bums me out. This remastering takes a lot of time involved and company effort to bring forth what they want. So I really appreciate to what they are doing with Black Desert. For them calling it as Remaster is probably what they want, but as for me they only that was probably remastered was the audio. They did an oustanding job with it. But for the graphics, the word remaster is too big to say it's worth being title Remaster. But still an absolute work for Pearl Abyss and their team for their love of this game. 


Hopes Still High, but...


Hopefully we'll get to see more in the near future for Black Desert, because the only thing I would really like to see are some pretty big reworks in this game(Please no more graphical improvements the game already look damn good without the Remaster.). And if they are able to pull that. WELL, BE DAMN BOI~

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