[BDOR Screenshots] The lost Ranger
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This is a story about a ranger who travelling far away from her homeland to find her long-relative sisters, the descendants of  Vedir. The old folks told her the story about the civil war between Vedir and Ganelle children which lead the departure of the Vedirs, leaving Ganelles role as the guardian of Kamasylvia and the sacred tree. After listening the story, This naive ranger takes her bow and heading to the west to find out the Vedirs. In her own way, she was lost but found there is kamasylve temple ruins outside her homeland. She met the remaining soldiers who protect the temple and the sacred tree. She suddenly cried and missing her homeland but she cannot go back before fulfilling her goals.So, she decided to continue her journey no matter how hard it will be. Before she leaves and taking one step on her brave path, she prayed to the sacred tree and respecting the morning sun which is the representative of Ganelle, her ancestor


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Character Name Gwynvetra
Main Character Ranger
Lv 56
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