Remaster? More like "Remastering"
Xeonah 2018-09-17 15:57
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I love games with really beautifull graphics. 

Yes BDO has probably the most beautiful graphics in most MMORPG to date, but But...

Remaster, really? let's talk about facts while you guys still call it remaster at your own feets. Here's the funny thing about heir remaster that they are still changing stuff on the go every patches. Maybe call it "Remastering" in the first place :)  And you call that remaster of some sort? Who the **** is the art director of this game to have the guts to call it Remaster in the first place and also even as of now the over blown HDR is really bad. This is a game not a photo visualization game where we take pictures every damn time. ALSO this is a very fast phase game and with the annoying graphics is just awful. oh yes, I can just turn off the YEBIS shit. oh, but then what's the point of the update? I told you I love graphics, and I do.



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