Onother Connectivity Issues
Shinn 2018-10-25 09:46
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Dear GM of BDO SEA,

The game was running fine 30-90 ms until the problem happen after Patch 10/24/2018 

Same as this guy below

I thought the problem was mine i did a speedtest  fast as usual, nothings wrong with my drivers and no windows update.
And then i check the TCP connection and BDO has 350ms which is unplaying for me.

I dont really know what to do im using Pldt fibr. I dont know if its my fault.

Anyway let me know anything :(

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what's your isp? I got globe and my load times are really slow, after getting past through the black screen after picking char, my game just disconnects all of a sudden
same issue here, cant even get pass after char selection, and when i do a sudden disconnection. pls fix
Pldt i think ur problem is hdd/sdd man also try to check ur ping on bdosea
My problem is i did every possible fix the problem still persist
I'm using globe fiber unli but connection's decent for me. No disconnections whatsoever
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