After Patch, Disconnection Issues.
BobaTea 2018-10-25 10:53
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Edit Date : 2018-10-25

Ever since this last patch, Me and a few others have experienced extreme lag in the game. This includes: Taking a few minutes after logging into the game for chat logs and characters to load into the screen(including taking 1-3 minutes for an NPC to respond when talking to them), Random d/c's and reconnections and 1-3min freezes when switching servers/characters.

And before anybody tries to come up with the simple try this and try that:

1. Did the ipconfig dns flush and other things
2. Reset the router multiple times, a couple times keeping it off for 30min-1hr
3. Tried repatching the client/files
4. Reset the PC multiple times
5. Talked to ISP provider to reset stuff from their side to see if it changed anything.

All in All, this is something wrong on your side and you need to fix it. The game is already in a very sensitive position where it is trying to rebuild the playerbase while doing their best to keep the remaining ones. Leaving this problem to float around will just give more ample reason for those whe on the verge or thinking about quitting, even more reason to quit.

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same here cant connect after the patch yesterday
2018-10-25 11:45
same here, i hope the GM or the forum moderators can clarify this problem
2018-10-25 12:38
FeedbackTopicAfter Patch, Disconnection Issues.

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