Node War Changes , Will it make "fair" ?
Grimmr 2018-10-25 14:45
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Edit Date : 2018-10-25

New Patch Notes :


Just like they said.

Level 1 nodes are crucial starting points for new Guild to Grow faster.

looks like this patches are mean for New Guild with low RS and few Numbers to participate in "Only in Game" content that player can have as a "Guild".


But . in Reality .
This can be Exploited by High RS players that want to "Have Fun" by "Smurfing" creating new guild as an "ALT" Guild . then go to low tier Node War . Wiping all new guild that want to Grow .
and the next day they go to other guild. do the same thing . Loop and Loop. this 24 Hours delay before Reinvite only hold like 1 day off War before they can Smurf again.

looks like this changed do nothing to Node System regarding the purpose of change to __create stable and healthy environtment.


What do you think ?

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just go SMH lul ez 1b payout
2018-10-27 00:31
FeedbackTopicNode War Changes , Will it make "fair" ?

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