Connection Issue after new patch
Iceicefrazer 2018-10-25 21:22
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Edit Date : 2018-10-25

Ok I know there's a lot of people/players of BDO SEA right now experiencing this issue.

After character selection it takes a long while to load into the game (literally black loading screen) after awhile NPC's in-game does not respond at all and doesn't even move on their daily activities (it feels like your playing offline game of BDO SEA), no mobs, not even a single person online playing the game.

I've been actively requesting for a fix even on the official facebook site of BDO SEA, not to mention sending ticket for this issue.

I'm not going to say things like "my money's worth no good here" or etc, because I know the devs will somehow fix this issue.


Now here's what I have observe post game and in-game in BDO SEA and I hope CS, GM's, and the Devs will see this.

SERVERS are overrun! 

Ask me why then..


Because of this "Free permanent access to the game event" "reach this level to gain permanent access event"

And again I'm not going to say things like "it's unfair for us players who payed/bought the game" or any such thing. There's no problem inviting more people/players @ SEA to play this game, or promoting this game on social media.

It's just please add more servers to the GAME. That simple.

It's been 2 days for me, I haven't played BDO SEA. Please fix this.

Thank you BDO SEA and I hope we the BDO SEA community will thrive and help each other to keep the game alive and playable.



Character Name Iceicefrazer
Main Character Ninja
Lv 21
Try to use VPN.
2018-10-25 23:30
VPN solved it for some, try it.
2018-10-26 01:06
what vpn did you guys use??
2018-10-26 22:08
Same issue here. If we'll use VPN, this game will become a conspiracy shit. BDO makes the game laggy so we'll buy VPN, therefore BDO is in partnership with VPN companies - asking commisions. Fuck this shit. It was working fine before. Fucking corrupt people!
2018-10-27 00:12
FeedbackTopicConnection Issue after new patch

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