PLDT ISP Connectivity Official Statement
Gena 2018-10-25 21:32
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Why is there no official statement about PLDT connectivity? It's evident that PLDT users are having an issue in connecting to your servers. I'm using a VPN just to play your game and I'm getting low pings & less RTO by using it. I think it's uneccessary for us to use VPN since it's SEA server. I have no other issues in connecting to other games in SEA & NA, only just for this game.


I'm not an expert in Networking stuff, but it seems BDO and PLDT are not in-sync when it comes to connectivity.



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So true, Gena! I think BDO really have issues with PLDT, I'm switching soon to a different ISP, this thing still persist.. I'LL BE DAMNED!
Globe is fine on my end (using fiber). And it's just a 5mbps speed.

@Gena - What's the VPN you're using? I might want to try that out too.
@Samari- I'm using Mudfish right now.
after the new patch i think all the normal pldt subscriber has a latency issue, and im one of them. i hope this problem will be resolved before some of the PLDT user decide to quit
PLDT Fibr here, i was using VPN and as of this very time it's useless for me. I connect to the server, my character loads, and every NPC in a 50 meter radius, they don't get damaged, nothing else loads, it loads everything for a few seconds, and crashes.
Tfw no compensation
Globe here,
Finding it hard to even enter the game 8pm to about 10pm
Same here with PLDT Fibr. Game is completely unplayable. Game loads (no players,only npc) but can't interact with anything, then disconnects. Got worse with the latest patch.
wherse the GM/ moderators ? we want an answer
same issue here Globe LTE > USB tethering user. I think it's BDO connectivity issues at PH's ISPs. Fuck this shit! I noticed this also after those fucking mini patches!
i need answer to this

fix this
For what i have noticed the connectivity under PLDT is broken, i was able to play fine 2:30am till 5:00am but right now 4:30pm onwards game just stucks on loading.... This has something to do with PLDT it self.
same here. any updates on this?? still disconnecting.
i already switch to converge. 35-40 ms no dc even in peak hours. pldt has bad routing in SEA servers of black desert
same with me,black screen after choose character
Had the same issue, but somehow I fixed it by using VPN (OpenVPN Protocol).
I'm using Telkom Indihome (Indonesia) anyway. Somehow without VPN, the internet speed is limited up to 0.7 Mbps only, I suspect that the internet speed was the culprit. But after using VPN, everything's okay with high internet speed and no limitation.

I don't know whether this is caused by my ISP or BDO itself, I have sent ticket to BDO CS tho, but their respond have never solved any issues I had.

In the end, I have to fix everything by myself.
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