PLDT ISP Connectivity Official Statement
Gena 2018-10-25 21:32
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Edit Date : 2018-10-26



Why is there no official statement about PLDT connectivity? It's evident that PLDT users are having an issue in connecting to your servers. I'm using a VPN just to play your game and I'm getting low pings & less RTO by using it. I think it's uneccessary for us to use VPN since it's SEA server. I have no other issues in connecting to other games in SEA & NA, only just for this game.


I'm not an expert in Networking stuff, but it seems BDO and PLDT are not in-sync when it comes to connectivity.



Character Name Gena
Main Character Dark Knight
Lv 60
So true, Gena! I think BDO really have issues with PLDT, I'm switching soon to a different ISP, this thing still persist.. I'LL BE DAMNED!
2018-10-25 23:26
Globe also.
2018-10-25 23:27
Globe is fine on my end (using fiber). And it's just a 5mbps speed.

@Gena - What's the VPN you're using? I might want to try that out too.
2018-10-25 23:52
@Samari- I'm using Mudfish right now.
2018-10-26 00:58
after the new patch i think all the normal pldt subscriber has a latency issue, and im one of them. i hope this problem will be resolved before some of the PLDT user decide to quit
2018-10-26 09:00
PLDT Fibr here, i was using VPN and as of this very time it's useless for me. I connect to the server, my character loads, and every NPC in a 50 meter radius, they don't get damaged, nothing else loads, it loads everything for a few seconds, and crashes.
Tfw no compensation
2018-10-26 15:20
Globe here,
Finding it hard to even enter the game 8pm to about 10pm
2018-10-26 16:56
Same here with PLDT Fibr. Game is completely unplayable. Game loads (no players,only npc) but can't interact with anything, then disconnects. Got worse with the latest patch.
2018-10-26 18:39
wherse the GM/ moderators ? we want an answer
2018-10-26 20:22
same issue here Globe LTE > USB tethering user. I think it's BDO connectivity issues at PH's ISPs. Fuck this shit! I noticed this also after those fucking mini patches!
2018-10-27 00:15
i need answer to this

fix this
2018-10-27 00:49
For what i have noticed the connectivity under PLDT is broken, i was able to play fine 2:30am till 5:00am but right now 4:30pm onwards game just stucks on loading.... This has something to do with PLDT it self.
2018-10-27 16:48
same here. any updates on this?? still disconnecting.
2018-10-27 20:29
i already switch to converge. 35-40 ms no dc even in peak hours. pldt has bad routing in SEA servers of black desert
2018-10-28 15:42
same with me,black screen after choose character
2018-10-30 20:40
Had the same issue, but somehow I fixed it by using VPN (OpenVPN Protocol).
I'm using Telkom Indihome (Indonesia) anyway. Somehow without VPN, the internet speed is limited up to 0.7 Mbps only, I suspect that the internet speed was the culprit. But after using VPN, everything's okay with high internet speed and no limitation.

I don't know whether this is caused by my ISP or BDO itself, I have sent ticket to BDO CS tho, but their respond have never solved any issues I had.

In the end, I have to fix everything by myself.
2018-10-31 08:24
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