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Eulb 2018-10-26 14:00
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Hi Dear Community,


I would like to kindly seek further clarification since I've sent an email to PA for 2 days in a row and I've yet to receive any assistance from them.


I've achieved Lv 56 within this event's period & i believe i did so within my first 7 days. I've also logged in for 7 days consecutively now as today's my 8th.

Reading the event notes, i was told that the access would be given at 12:00 the following day. Believing so, i have yet to receive the access.

I did some Pearl purchases but they were mainly just for expanding my inventory slots and a couple of outfits as well. 

Am i disqualified from the event hence i'm unable to obtain the permanent access or could any kind soul clarify what my mistakes were? 


Thanks & Cheers guys. =]

Character Name Eulb
Main Character Kunoichi
Lv 56
Greetings and Salutations Eulb,

It would seem that you have sent us a ticket yesterday, and that you were not yet cleared of the missions as of that time as you only have logged on for 5 days as you have stated. The event requires you to log on for at least 7 days regardless if it is consecutive
Kindly write us a ticket if you still haven't received it by tomorrow, and we would gladly recheck for you.
Greetings to you too, GM_Olvia.
This is awkward as I've looked at my calendar in the attendance reward and i've managed to claim the 9th day's rewards.

Nonetheless, thank you so much for your kind clarification & I guess i'll just kindly wait for another 2-3 days additional.

*You can close this thread if needed. Thank you :)
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