Permanent access? Please answer.
Eriise 2018-10-26 18:22
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Edit Date : 2018-10-26

I have reached level 56 at the 7th day. Please refer to the questions below.

 1. When will I get the permanent access.

 2. I have unlocked the awakening weapon (didn't do all the quest) , do you to actually   complete all the awakening quests to complete "Mission 2" on the free event.

 3. Will I receive email regarding the permanent access?


Character Name Eriise
Main Character Tamer
Lv 56
i contacted their support service as i login for 9 days now, they checked the records for my account and they confirmed that my account has been granted with permanent access. "Please do wait warmly as it may not yet reflect on your account page but I
assure you that the account you are using is already permanently accessible.". So it will not reflect immediately on your account page
2018-10-26 20:44
Most Importantly, do you have to pass awakening quests first?
2018-10-26 21:58
after i hit 56 i already did awakening quest.
2018-10-27 07:55
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