Question regarding permanent access.
XiynH 2018-10-28 10:52
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Does anyone know how to check whether or not your account have achieved permanent access? I've already reached level 56 and have logged in for 7 straight days, where can I check to see if I have gained permanent access? 

Character Name XiynH
Main Character Tamer
Lv 56
go to your account page and activate OTP. if you can activate it, means you have already permanent access. You will still have Guest Pass coupon on your account page. i contacted their customer service a couple of days ago, they said "it will not reflect
immediately on your account page"
Activated OTP successfully, thanks for the reply.
I've already reached level 56 and have logged in for 7 days but in OTP, it said "OTP service is available only for those who purchased the package." when i wanna sign up
@Yeshiko on the next day at 12:00
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