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CalliTKarmA 2018-11-09 21:54
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Edit Date : 2018-11-09

is the cliff weapon permanent or it will be gone in nov 28 there is no clarification or description in weapon if its permanent or maybe the quest event of cliff weapon only will end or will be gone in nov 28 please response thanks!!

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Main Character Wizard
Lv 57
It's permanent, and you can also exchange them for gold bars after the event ends. So you can keep them until you get boss gear as replacements and then exchange em for that sweet silver.
2018-11-09 22:07
Okay thank you sir for the info
2018-11-09 22:48
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Edit Date : 2018-11-10

You'll have the cliff weapon for good, only the quest would be gone so be sure to do it once it's available. 

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