It is so hard to play this game ?
Manavenuz 2018-11-12 10:11
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Edit Date : 2018-11-12

throw out 23gig of data and still need download another 34gig ? really ? is this link scam ?

i threw about 20 bucks just for trying to play the game again, and still cannot play it.

please give me direct download instead, i just want to play the game and avoid "file corrupt"

Character Name Manavenuz
Main Character Wizard
Lv 57
Why doesn't direct download work for you? Have you tried downloading the client launcher and updating through it normally?
2018-11-13 00:33
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Edit Date : 2018-11-12

My Black Desert whole folder is 30 GB including all updates. Just for your reference.

I totally do not dare to open your link since i do not use antivirus.

Character Name Iceiyumi
Main Character Ranger
Lv 56
FeedbackTopicIt is so hard to play this game ?

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