Missing Memory Fragments and Hunter Seal
BackToFront 2018-11-12 18:34
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Edit Date : 2018-11-12

I had a bug today after openning up the bundles from Ancient Relic Scrolls. I had 2 memory fragments with me before i went to do the boss. It was a 5 men team and each one had 5 scrolls, I did the first 23 scrolls and had to left because of night vendor. After i open up the bundle, I had in total 20 memory fragments and 23 hunter seals. So no memory fragments or hunter seals were rewarded to me. I sent tickets to customer support and they told me i have received the mf and hs. and when i re-submitted tickets, the answer was: "It seems like you have submitted multiple tickets to the same questions. just refer to the previous answer"...


Have you guys received similar bug before and the customer support did not do anything but talking shit?

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FeedbackTopicMissing Memory Fragments and Hunter Seal

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