Ice's Ten tips for new players
Iceiyumi 2018-11-14 17:02
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Ten tips for new players


All players

1. Do main quests.

2. Press escape in Black Spirit’s Adventure, you will still get your gift item if you skip the dice roll animation.

When you roll a roulette for anything like the event box, you can double click space and it skips the rolling animation.

3. Join a medium or large guild to get daily guild attendance reward.


Life Skills player

4. If you prefer casual non-combat gameplay, you can choose not to pay real money for cash items yet earn decent silver per hour, there are many methods, I will only list some: gathering, daily login, whale hunting, afk fishing, workers.

5. Create all your available character slots, so you get more afk energy daily.

6. Your contribution points can be used to get Acknowledged Adventurer Seal, in short, it gives you silver every day.


Combat player

7. If you only like the killing monsters aspects of this game, I recommend getting pets for auto-loot for higher silver per hour.

8. Use AOE skills to grind higher silver per hour. (High AP might be required.)

9. A horse can be used to store loot.

10. Learn Enhance and failstacks when you want more AP or DP, I recommend

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