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I have no idea why I can't just search my old posts, but nevermind I will do this method anyway.



Why use Boss Armour?

Review: Is Black Desert free to play?

Black Friday Presales Speculation 2018

Ideas on new pearl items



Package Contents Value

Ice's Ten tips for new players

Ice's Collection of useful websites

Daily login Avg. silver/day + Grind/day

Ice's Collection of useful websites Shortcut:


Quests, Level and Silver per hour:

Quests Help

Leveling Guide

Silver per hour Grinding Spots



Enhance success rate and Color Upgrading

Gear upgrade and Failstack Guide


Monster Info:

Special Daily Scroll Bosses

Monsters Loots Info and other stats

World Boss Spawn Timers

Under construction:

Top 10 Pearl Shop items to buy

Desert Survival tips and why its high in EXP/LOOT

Arsha Server and how to avoid spot taken pkers.

Christmas Presales Speculation 2018

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