I scammed someones credit card. Ban me.
EmperorShelbSS 2018-11-15 07:46
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Edit Date : 2018-11-15

I scam credit cards and buy pearl shop stuff with them. 


Ban me.

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Edit Date : 2018-11-15

An alternative would be to pay back money to the players you scammed.

(Explain to your parents and ask for money, the money can be paid back by loans,

or lesser pocket money or no birthday gifts this year, etc.)


Banning you would not solve the damage done, now lets take a lesson on Damage Control,

People always makes mistakes, its not good but all animals are flawed in some way to make 

the universe more balanced.

What you can do is to reduce the damage you have done.

For example, you request a ban. (it is a form of damage control but it is not good/smart enough.)


So before you act on something, maybe think what would happen to each party involved also called as case study.


Writing out the scenario for a ban solution.

Black Desert - Have no idea what is happening, bans someone who thinks he is a scammer and loses a potential customer. Who knows you might have hacked into this account and you are trying to get someone else banned.

Scammed Victims - Loss of money, stress. 

Scammer - Got banned, a little bit of guilt.


I recommended paying back money to the players you scammed, so lets look at this solution.

Black Desert - Still profits.

Scammed Victims - No loss of money, nothing happens

Scammer - Loss of money, but gain Pearl items.


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FeedbackTopicI scammed someones credit card. Ban me.

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