Black Friday Presales Speculation 2018
Iceiyumi 2018-11-15 08:43
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Instead of just me to speculate, everyone can join in the discussion and speculate as well.

Previous month and current month login attendance dun seems to have value pack.

There is no big discount (as in 50%) on value pack in this two months as well.

I speculate there will be a 50% discount on value packs, it makes it seems like a wise choice to make

since new players will be lacking in that.


But obviously, a company is for profit, and they usually drive sales at the

end of year to make their company looks profitable so people would invest in them, so I am guessing they will make

a temporary Black Friday sale 12 month value pack for 50% discount instead. (1650 Pearls instead of 3300 Pearls.)


Why I do not guess it will be like a hourly 50% sales discount on different items each hour just like NA server.

Because back in NA server, there was no SEA server, the hourly discount can be appreciated by players from different countries.


Why do i not guess it will be some new outfits and discounts? Because previous sales already have costume and especially Christmas 

is coming soon, they will be spending time on designing Christmas outfits i guess.


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up for this +1

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Actual Black Friday Sales:


Boy oh boy was I wrong.

They released another outfit, which looks gorgeous.

New Interesting pets in monster form are released.


But the main big discount we have all been waiting for are...

30% Discount Coupon on any pearl item purchases!

This is a good decision since everyone can buy whatever pleases them.

And it is still good value if you buy 3 months value pack.

1 month vp = 330 pearls

3 month vp = 830p (Worth 990p)

3 month vp + 30% discount = 581p (Worth 990p)

You save 409p by buying 3 month vp or the item have a discount of 41%.



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