Suggestion/Issue for T.Maintenance...
YinShin 2018-11-15 10:16
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FYI: All this frequent temporary maintenance, to fix minor issue, usually set on the time at 9:00am and takes 1-2 hours.



Bro what......temporary maintenance again!?!?


Okay heres the issue, those minor issues somehow not important and can hold it to the next maintenance, i understand some involved player complaint, graphical glitch, some dialogue text mistake and WRONG PEARL AMOUNT on item and blah blah blah. Dev team should be checked all these over the weekly maintenance after all, all this temporary maintenances could be avoid or readjust to other day and fix it together. For those life skilling afk player while we going to work at the morning, it is a frustrating notice, we setup and went out to work but out of sudden oh there is maintenance and we gonna waste whole day time of life skill outcomes, electric, for nothing. We understand sometime temporary maintenance is needed, but somehow look at the past 2 months, it is too frequent does it mean that the PA team making more mistake instead of improvement?


So please, please pick the right time, we need to afk life skilling for profit and goal. I suggest if you want to do it please do it like 5am-7am, or 5pm-7pm. Most importantly do temporary maintenance only if it is necessary, minor craps please keep for next weekly maintenance. Thank you for the great game but please take good care of your supporter.

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Right? Increasing the price of stable expansions by one pearl was not worth that maintenance, cmon PA.
2018-11-16 11:25
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