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Seigurd 2018-11-15 11:18
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Hi guys! Ive recently played this game since a friend suggested it to me also because it has an event right now to get the game for free if you reach 56 and log in for 7 days. Money isnt an issue but i would like to try the game first before purchasing packs.

So fast forward im now 56 and been playing almost everyday so i think ill be getting this account for free, now Im thinking of getting pearls. Are the game packages worth it? or should I just go purchase pearls from the cash shop directly since I have the game already.


TLDR: Are the game package add-ons worth it to buy or should I go purchase pearls directly and buy those items (e.g. pets) from the cash shop. Thank you all!

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To tell you the truth, you just can get the cheapest one. since the game isn't p2w as everyone said, it's up to you whether you wanted the other items that can be bought by pearls. But, wisely thinking, you will only need pet and vp's if you will be a
hard grinder as everyone does. hope this help my dear friend.
2018-11-16 08:05
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Packages are always worth more than buying pearls and getting the items seperately, even if you only want a few of them. 


I personally recommend the 1000 ACoin package for the Value Pack, a pet, 8 inventory slots and 400 pearls. All the other items are pretty unncessary and definitely not worth it (but buying those three things seperately will still cost you 1030 pearls). While some may argue that inventory slots aren't the most useful early on, which is true, you will eventually look into buying it and this is the best value you'll get them for.


If you'd rather save on those inventory slots, get the 400 ACoin package. The important two are the Value Pack and the pet. Pets are vital for efficient grinding in this game and you should look into getting four as soon as possible (this would help). On this note, if you do get the 1000 ACoin package, you should spend the 400 pearls you get on another pet as well. 


A little advice for the future - once you have four pets, look into buying weight. That'll be your next big limiter in terms of grinding. Inventory slots are never really going to limit you when it comes to most things but for fishing especially it is very important to have a lot of slots and fishing is probably the most effortlessly well paying AFK lifeskill you wanna do.


Don't get enticed by things like Tier 5 Horse Emblems or Silver Embroided Clothes - these things are super cheap on the marketplace and you should be able to afford them even now at your current level.

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Definitely get the packages but I suggest you wait for the sale. Important cash shop items are Pets, Inventory, Weight, Maid is also useful and of course Value Pack.

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Ok thanks for the insight! Ill go try out the 400 acoin package then.

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