Negative karma discrepencies.
MolesterMen 2018-11-26 18:57
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i was his mate on this game, i know this guy worked very hard to get wheres he belong now.
i believe if hes already know about that u can degrade your enhancement level, he WONT ever do that thing. cause the problem is he has PEN and TET items that degrade to TET and TRI, can u imagine hows the pain about that.

i hope that PA will do something about this case, rather just give him a standardized reply to his email.
Wish u all the best

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"A fool and his money are soon parted."


Time for you to drop another coupla Ks into the game lmfao.


Just FYI, enhancement levels degrade if you fail an upgrade beyond PRI. Letting you know so you can't claim that you did not know about another "obscure" game mechanic and request for another item rollback.




P.s. Hey GMs, wanna do something about this dude's name too? Kinda sexually explicity if you ask me.


Funny how it's called the "Karma" system innit?

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`` However, i wasn't aware about the enhancement drop. as there are changes from time to time, i do know that it's notified through the updates `` press X for doubt, arent you people use neg karma alt to do do free enhancement drop +15 to +14?

if you're not then for someone play alot you should read from sea bdo instead of NA i guess

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It always like that. Nothing was change. Enhancement level have chances to downgrade no matter you die to mob or players outside the desert area or arsha server. If you die on the desert then it a bug. Support will help you recover you item but if not then f. Don't become red if dont want to takes the risk and do a lot of research first. The only safe area for red player are desert and arsha server. Other than that area/server. The risk is too high, no matter you die to mob or player.

edit: Just learn from this experience. I got a guildies how pk alot of newbie player during f2p event. All his equipment downgrade including accesoires from Tet->tri. and tri->duo. 

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Hi, I was told or people has always been speculating that weapons and armors does not degrades. I hope that PA will look into this and gives some considerate amount of thought to him as he is 1 of the customers who spends alot in game. Losing another customer will probably won't do much damage to the game but it will sure leaves a bad taste to other people playing this game that, the PA would not do something after they spend alot in this game. He has spend money, time and effort. I hope you would look into this matter.

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If PA did return back all the item to previous enhancement level, IT WILL NOT FAIR for those who have degraded enhancement level from players who is purposely making another player go red jsut to kill him. If you got the enhancement back to previous level, I want to do it too. Mind you, I did pay more than 2000 usd from start of Beta.

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I agree with Aliya above, I suffered a degraded enhancement level, from players purposely who made me went red and killed me. If you got the enhancement back to previous level, I want to do it too. I have alsot spent quite a sum on this game.

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By mate, you mean you? *smugs*

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ur friend had tet and pen gear, which mean he is already reach softcap or even beyond softcap, he must be grinding at either at end game kamasylvie spot or pilaku/sulvur mines, if not, then this is reason pearl abyss n kakao make this system, to prevent PEN geared player grind at low level gear spot. he must know that if he alt c same level player won't hurt karma really hard.


and if there are ppl who purposely karma bombing they must be really really toxic, just declare or change server, this game is suck at that certain situation but i think that was the fun of this game,

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