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Incuvus 2018-11-27 19:59
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Edit Date : 2018-11-27

why it's so delay when im going to buy premium set in marketplace.

This game is nice but enhancement is so bad cost a lot of payment.

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Edit Date : 2018-11-27

Why there is a durability of the weapon and armor? 

What is the used of repairing the weapon and armor if need also the max durability

Isn't enough the repair of the weapon and armor without max durabiltiy?

Most of the game I encounter is just only repairing weapon and armor without max durabiltiy

Hope you find any solution of this matter.

Character Name Incuvus
Main Character Wizard
Lv 51
BDO is not the same game as that other game
I dont know what you expect when you first start but for me it doesnt bother me much except the rng part
which is more important to issue
2018-11-29 22:43
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Edit Date : 2018-12-01

Got no delay when accessing Pearl Shop. You sure you're not using potato pc?

1. Durability has been a quintessential aspect for every mmo. You'd have to be unique enough to no offer such feature

2.You a copy of that gear to recover max durability (it recovers 10 for every piece). You can also use memory fragment, the amount it can recover depends if your gear is green, blue or yellow (it's mostly used for boss gears)

3.You can still repair your gears with lower max durability but it's gonna wear quick as you use it

4. Max durability is a unique feature for bdo. It's annoying, I know.

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