Rest of the World getting free maids..
Kurenai 2017-12-03 10:59
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Edit Date : 2017-12-03

There will be a Christmas gift for everyone. A Maid will be given to players all around the world as a Christmas gift.  

Ofc we wont have it we got server to even log on!

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Oh well
2017-12-03 12:02
2017-12-03 12:23
There aren't any official announcements on any servers' homepages so just wait
2017-12-03 13:43
Why complain when you cant play game on Christmas!
2017-12-03 17:20
Maybe you'll get it as a new year eve gift instead of a christmas gift? Idk just so. Many possibilities there are so many annual event to replace christmas... IMO
2017-12-04 01:37
You neither playing on Christmas nor New year Eve, let game launch officially.
2017-12-05 00:49
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Limited Time Only - Free Gift Pack