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I personally think BDO is doing great popularity wise and financially wise, but inspired by how to keep BDO alive (Bright Ideas), i created this thread.

It is easy to attract new players to join BDO, but it is difficult to retain majority of the new players, these pearl items aims to provide great incentives at a low fixed price to encourage players to stay and continue to play BDO.


Royal Rumble Loot (30 days, 150p, $5(USD))

You have a passive loot buff called Royal Rumble Loot.

What it does is it gives every monster you kill a 0.1% chance to drop a Boss Gear Loot Box,

meaning about every 1000 monster kills gets you a Boss Gear Loot Box.

Contents of a Boss Gear Loot Box are completely up to BDO's staffs' design.

(To encourage players to buy, you shouldn't make the rewards too low, and the list and % of rewards should be visible.)

A sample of contents for a Boss Gear Loot Box is as follows:

50% - 1-3 x Memory Fragment

45% - 1 x Artisan's Memory

5% - 1 x Full loot of a random boss (It can be Red Nose, Griffon, Kzarka, etc.)


Royal Rumble PK (30 days, 150p, $5(USD))

You get a PK book, containing all the names, classes and guilds of players you have slain in your history.

Royal Rumble PK gives you daily and weekly PK quests.

The quests are up to BDO's staffs' customization.

A sample of PK quests are:


Daily PK quest (Random a, b or c is given.)

a) Kill 1 player, Get 5 x weapon blackstones and 5 x armour blackstone or random drops equals to 2.5 million silver.

b) Kill 3 players, Get 3 x Ancient Relic Shards or random drops equals to 5 million silver.

c) Kill 5 players, Get an accessory box, 10% chance to get Orge Ring or random drops equals to 7.5 million silver.


Weekly PK quest (Random a, b or c is given.)

a) Participate in Node War, + 10% loot rate for 1 week.

b) Participate in Guild War, + 10DP buff for 1 week

c) Participate in Red Battlefield, + 5AP buff for 1 week


Royal Rumble Costumes (30 days, 150p, $5(USD))

You will get a Royal Rumble Costumes buff.

There is a big number of lifeskills players in BDO, and i would like to make lifeskills more fun by

having bigger lifeskills rewards.

Every 3 minute while you are doing lifeskills like afk-fishing, processing, etc will give you a 5% chance on 

getting a Royal Rumble Costume Loot Box, meaning about every 1 hour of lifeskills gives you a Royal Rumble Costume Loot Box.

The contents of Royal Rumble Costume Loot Box are up to BDO's staffs' decisions.

(To encourage players to buy, you shouldn't make the rewards too low, and the list and % of rewards should be visible.)

A sample Royal Rumble Costume Loot Box are:

40% - 1 x random lucky tool.

25% - 1 x Random dye.

12.5% - A random one piece of pearl costume without stats. This is purely for fashion as intended. (Not the whole outfit.)

10% - 1 day merv's pallet.

10% - 1 x random worker lodging or 1 x random city storage expansion or 1 x random city mount expansion

2.5% - A random one piece of pearl costume randomly dyed. (Not the whole outfit.)


Royal Rumble Marketplace (30 days, 150p, $5(USD))

You get VIP access to Marketplace.

VIP access allows you to sell your items at 130% price rate of the orginal maximum fixed price.

(This can change the whole game, this could create a trend where pearl items like value pack can now be

easily bought by free to play players, this function literally serves as paying real money to get in game silver.)

VIP access allows you to have one more pre-order.

VIP access allows you to have up to 40 items to sell instead of original 30 items.

VIP access removes one-third of the marketplace tax.


Royal Rumble Boss Hunter Server (30 days, 150p, $5(USD))

You get premium access to Royal Rumble Boss Hunter Server.

In this premium server, the spawn rates of Bosses are twice as fast.

But beware, only players with premium access can join this server, so there will

be situations where there is not enough players to fight against the bosses.

So this premium access are only favourable to players with very good gears and have powerful teammates

or guildmates.

Besides the bosses spawn rates, you get a second scroll boss daily and weekly quest when you login to this

premium server.



Royal rumble pearl items are cleverly designed to appeal to separate categories of players, therefore players are

not required to buy all of them, instead, one or two of them, which is about $5 usd- $10usd profit per month,

My own assumption is that BDO aims that majority of players to buy value pack monthly as a form of subscription,

this method is flexible, since players can stop spending on cash for a while but yet still can login game unlike other

subscription games like WOW, whereby if you are not subscribed, you cannot login game.

After implementation of the royal rumble pearl items, players would buy $10 value pack and $5-$10 of royal rumble pearl items monthly.


I understand that end-game pearl items like Artisan's Memory and end-game mechanics like TET and PEN enhancement rate

are drastically low to create a vortex to suck in cash from unsuspecting hardcore gamers and cashers.

But I think rather than just creating a mechanic whereby players blindly throwing in cash to buy Artisan's Memory, instead BDO can create a system whereby active or even inactive gameplay are still required in order to progress to end-game equipments and items, which is literally all the royal rumble pearl items i suggested.

Also, spamming cash method like Artisan's Memory creates a negative outlook on the game, it can hurt it so bad that the orginal intended number of targeted players expected to cash on value packs do not do so anymore as they give up on trying to reach the end-game equips as they see it as a spam cash to win game.


If you sell the royal rumble pearl items, players will not spam on cashing money to buy Artisan's Memory since the royal rumble pearl items are more valuable and economical in price, this creates a fair pace of competition between all players.

Players will be motivated to play BDO because they now know it is not a pay hundreds of dollars to win game, instead BDO will be

a pay $15-$20/month to win game. This positive outlook on BDO will create an upside down trend on your paying players profile,

instead of having 10% of your players to spam cash, you can now have 90% of your players to pay $15-20/month.

I of course do not know how many BDO players plays daily.

Looking at other MMORPGS, there are usually thousands of players playing daily, so i put in a 2000 players daily for BDO.

Spam cash/ Artisan's Memory Method

2000 players x 10% = 200 players x $100/month

= $20000 usd/month

Monthly loot boosts Method

2000 players x 90% = 1800 players x $15/month

= $27000 usd/month

Increase of profit > $27000/ $20000 = 35% profit increase.


How about the risks of implementing these new pearl items?

None, i would say, because these new pearl items are not throw cash and get prize mechanic,

players need to work hard to get what they need.


*All numbers are speculative to express my thoughts, and i make no guarantees or promises. I would pay $20 usd/ month if royal rumble is purchasable but i do not invest any amount of money in BDO.

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Greetings Iceiyumi!
We truly appreciate your suggestions and feedback towards the current game contents! We thank you for providing us such as ideas that our team could review and tinker. We will make sure that this suggestion of yours about Royal Rumble Pearl Items will be forwarded
to our corresponding team for greater review. Rest assured that our team will always do their best to provide explicit services towards you, our Players. We again thank you for your continuous support in BDO Sea, and we hope you will continue to do so.
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