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Watu 2018-12-12 07:23
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Edit Date : 2018-12-12

So i just got the game from the free account like a month ago, and made a guild with my other 6 friends. To be able to do daily guild login  and payment if i am not wrong we need to get at least 30 guild member wich is hard since the very purpose of my guild is uncertain, i rather have 10 guildsman who socialy active, sharing some tips how to get things done, helping each other with co-op quest, do the daily together wich is our priority atm, so basically a small noob guild things,and node war isn't the purpose of my guild (at least not atm) and i can't invite random people with the same vison of why i create this guild.

so i hope maybe they can reduce the amount of small guild size from 30 to 15 or 20.



sorry for my bad engris

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Edit Date : 2018-12-13

Hey i can join your guild. Get into my discord:

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