[ Event ] Black Spirit's 1st Birthday
GM_Racid 2019-01-09 11:03
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Greetings Adventurers,


The 1st Anniversary for Black Desert is coming soon!


January 17, 2019!


Congratulate Black Spirit's 1st Birthday and receive special rewards!



▶ How to Participate

Leave a comment congratulating the Black Spirit on its birthday on this page.
Please write your “family name” in the comment!
※ Comments that include profanity and deemed offensive to others will be deleted and will not eligible for any rewards.



▶ Event Rewards

All participants will receive the  “Black Spirit Gift Box” as a special reward from the Black Spirit!

- Black Spirit’s Gift Box
- Book of Training - Combat (1 Hour)
- Book of Training - Skill (1 Hour)
- Cron Stone x 3
- Memory Fragments x 3

*You'll get all of the items listed above when you open the box.



Event Notices
⦁    Event rewards can only be received once per family and cannot be sent multiple times.
⦁    There may be restrictions on trading and selling items rewarded from events, and they may have usage expiration dates.
⦁    Each event item may have different binding settings, and due to these settings these items cannot be transferred or restored.
⦁    Further details regarding the binding settings of items can be found in the in-game item descriptions.
⦁    You must create a character in your Black Desert Family to receive the reward items before the reward items are sent.
⦁    Pearl Abyss reserves the right to change or cancel the event depending on circumstances.
⦁    You may be disqualified or your reward may be taken away if you use unapproved methods to try to gain an unfair advantage or someone else’s work in the event.
⦁    Accounts can be restricted as a result of actions in violation of the Terms of Service prior to the event reward delivery may be excluded from the event reward winners and may become subject to cancellation and retrieval of event rewards.
⦁    Shared SNS posts must be made available to the public and must be identifiable through the URL left in your comment at the time the winners are announced.
⦁    Pearl Abyss will be entitled to Secondary Copyrights of all screenshots and other works
⦁    You can participate in this event as many times as you want, winners will be selected through an internal judging process. However, one family can only win once.
⦁    If the posting displays inappropriate Family Names, Character Names, and Guild Names may be excluded from the selections.
⦁    If a winner has an inappropriate in-game name then their rewards will be canceled.
⦁    You may be disqualified if the name you used in your post on the event board cannot be matched to any in-game names.
⦁    You may be disqualified or your reward may be taken away if your work is confirmed to violate copyright laws.
⦁    If you have any questions about this event, please send a ticket through [Support > Customer Support].
⦁    Content not listed on this page follows the [Black Desert Event Rules].

Character Name GM_Racid
Main Character Warrior
Lv 60
we wish you a Happy birthday Black Spirit! may you have more birthdays to come!! from RAVENOUS family :)
2019-01-09 11:06
happy birthday bdo and black spirit! from GundamWing family!
2019-01-09 11:09
Happy 1st Bday, SEA BDO! -Deliureaen
2019-01-09 11:10
happy bday BDO SEA!! - Ins0mnia
2019-01-09 11:11
Congratulation BDO! Keep it up.
2019-01-09 11:12
Happy 1st Birthday Black Spirit! - EXOROG
2019-01-09 11:12
Happy 1st Birthday our black master - Myoi
2019-01-09 11:15
Happy birthday Black Spirit
2019-01-09 11:16
Happy Birthday Little Black Spirit
Family Name: Purity

Here is the __link to my SNS
2019-01-09 11:21
Happy birthday Black Spirit! -Kroska
2019-01-09 11:21
Happy Birthday Blackspirit♥
Family Name : Chester007
2019-01-09 11:22
Happy 1st Birthday Black Spirit!
2019-01-09 11:24
Happy birthday black spirit - Shoin
2019-01-09 11:25
Happy Birthday BDO SEA
From : LadySylvannas
2019-01-09 11:25
Happy birthday BDO SEA
From : Hidetoshi
2019-01-09 11:28
Happy Birthday my beloved black spirit -Kanya
2019-01-09 11:29
Happy birthday, Black Spirit!
2019-01-09 11:30
Family : Alastairz
2019-01-09 11:32
Happy 1st Birthday Black Spirit! (UnderRated)
2019-01-09 11:33
Happry Anniversart 1st Birthday Black Desert SEA ^_^
Hope and Wish for Our Luck ^^
Keep our days Lovely xD

From Family : Veliq
2019-01-09 11:42
Happy birthday my little black spirit, today is ur bithday!!!, YOU ARE THE BEST LITTLE SPIRIT!!!

From ur best friend ever : Nekosuru
2019-01-09 11:45
Happy Birthday Black Spirit! Have more Birthdays to Come!
Enjoy your Birthday
From Family:Zecks
2019-01-09 11:45
Congratulation! Happy Black Spirit's 1st Birthday! - HannaBaby
2019-01-09 11:47
Happy 1st Birthday Black Spirit! - Genkai
2019-01-09 11:51
Happy Birthday Black Spirit!!! Thank you for guiding my journey
From: Amadeus
2019-01-09 11:52
Happy birthday Black Spirit. I love your world
From : ULEK
2019-01-09 11:53
Happy Birthday Black Desert Online -Saiki
2019-01-09 11:53
Happy Birthday Black Spirit
From : Ruya
2019-01-09 11:54
Happy Birthday Black Spirit!
Family Name: Shades
2019-01-09 11:54
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