Connection Issues for 2 month
Dipper 2019-02-16 22:40
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Edit Date : 2019-02-16

Could you please do something regarding the connection issues that happen almost 2 months now?

The problem are:
1) Cant login properly need almost 1H just to try to login again and again
2) Cant access marketplace
3) Cant access the shadow arena
4) Regularly disconnected from the game
5) Cant play the game smoothly

I understand that it may look like my ISP problem, but this also happen to my 3 other ISP. Even one of my ISP where the speed is 300mbsp also give me the same problem. So I dont see that it is my problem.

I know that you have posted a notice regarding this issue, but you dont clearly explain the problem, and what action you will do, it's like you just wanted to said that WE DID SOMETHING NOW SHUT UP!

Note to new player who planned to buy this game, PLEASE DONT!, or at least go buy from other server not from this SEAshit server.

Character Name Dipper
Main Character Warrior
Lv 60
# 2
Edit Date : 2019-02-17

Meh, at this point, they obviously don't care. If they do reply to your post here, it would be to ask you to contact support, and redirect you to that notice they posted. The notice they posted just to taichi the blame. Many of us also can't be bothered anymore and decided to cut our losses and already left the game.

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Edit Date : 2019-02-17

13 days until it reaches 3 months.

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Edit Date : 2019-02-17

This is the worst situation I've ever had to faced during my MMORPG experience since 2004. Never have I seen a major issue like this gets ignored for so long. The longest was AIKA where a connection issue to SEA regions was being terminated during login, and that lasts a maximum of 3 days. This issue was raised by so many people, and only during mid of January that they release a notice saying 'We heard Malaysian player can't login, we don't know what is wrong.' , find out? There has never been update about this and I've actually lost my drive to play.

Character Name Yelin
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Edit Date : 2019-02-18

actually this is my 1st time having such issue, im 31 YO and i play online game since 14 YO, at the time dont really have SEA regional (international server), the fix such issue within next maintenance or maybe 1-3 days.

as i think.. 3 month.. it seems like they intended.. to block msia player for whatever reason.

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# 6
Edit Date : 2019-02-19

the 1st 2 month was ok after 3rd month where the 1st anniversay of our beloved BDO SEA come, hell break lose, the login issue became our majority problem when it come to login and changing character for enchantment, once u get DC it toke like forever to relog back and suddenly ur on cooldown of changing server 10-15min that u cant login at all, always getting Failed to Connect or Unable to Connect appear till the Timer end then u have 50/50 chance of login, new way to keep the player mad

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# 7
Edit Date : 2019-02-21


Character Name DeathWind
Main Character Maehwa
Lv 14
# 8
Edit Date : 2019-02-23

No crap dude, never in my whole life ever seen a game ignoring their players to this extend. Minor issue then it's fine. But this is definitely a major issue. 

Highly doubtful the realiablity of PA. Perhaps they're lack of staff or just running out of profit but the contract is running so they gotta suck it. 


*My brother actually bought two game account to join me, but guess what? Hits level 52 --- Bam, welcome to BlackDisconnectOnline, rage quit the game in disappointment. 

Character Name Starwish
Main Character Witch
Lv 58
FeedbackTopicConnection Issues for 2 month

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