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WuZeTian 2019-03-18 14:42
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How to obtain T9 (Pegasus especially aka Arduanatt/ incoming Doom horse) materials without much effort while able to progress your gears?

Step 1: Have as much cp as you can and get lots of Large Farm. Place them near town which you go often ( My main town is in Heidel, so I placed my farm on the left side of Heidel for maximum efficiency).

Step 2: Get special sunflower (any other special fruits/vegetables works) and plant them in your farm. Make sure you have fetilizer crafted to speed up the growth rate.

Step 3: Have some cp leftovers to hire some workers (skilled human/giant will do) and send them to work on the farm.

Step 4: Have some beer in your inventory when u going to grind, to make sure that the workers stays at the farm at all times. I recommend grind in Grana (Especially Manshaums, take the daily quests as well) to obtain peridot leafs from quests and pure forest breath from drops. Do the Grana town daily quests that gives peridot leafs as well to material gain when you're in Grana area.

And there, you are all set!!!

Effects of doing steps above:

1) When you plant breed your plants, you are able to obtain the materials (unsual fruit, plant with rotting roots, seed half eaten by bird, premature fruit, mutant plant). These materials simple cook them (20 of two kinds each) you will obtain 1-4 stonetail fodder (amount obtain based on your cooking level). These materials is used to train T9 courser 'skill' which is the main section you wanna pump to have higher chance obtaining pegasus.

ps. make sure when you plant breed, the plants are 100~200% completion cause when plant hits 200%, the materials drop will be less. Special sunflower takes about 4 and half hour to grow up to 100%.

2) Some people might not be grinding that much but at least do the Grana daily quests allows you to get peridot leafs (trade 7 of them to get 1 deep blue hoof root). You can get at least 60~70 peridot leafs per day just by doing that!!!

3) Doing daily quest gains you contribution points aka cp. More cp > more farm you can get > more T9 materials!!!

And there you have it. May the RNG be with you on your T9 attempts ;D

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