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1 Day Value Pack?
RedZahra 2019-04-02 16:21
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Hii, new here, was wondering if our server has the 1 day value pack for loyalties because i cant find it in the pearl shop?


Character Name RedZahra
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# 2


ONLY AT sea server.

where VP cant be sale on market.

VP do not have unlimtied dye.

*only IN SEA server.


Character Name SongJ
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# 3

PA is like discriminating SEA server we lack so many things that other server's enjoy. if i dont enjoy lahn class then im out for good in SEA server i notice fewer people playing. 


Character Name ThreeLives
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# 4

Just letting you know that our fish price is 25% lower than other server/region as well.


Character Name Sheialla
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# 5

we are also missing outfits avaible in other regions since several years ago like Sorceress Lumik


Character Name IceDiamond
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# 6

Possible SEA Server are also cheaper in other pearl item.
Even One day VP that can be bought by loyalties could be quota, is good enough for most player. Furthermore, I think the Sale of VP in the CM could be first step, they willing to take.

I am guessing SEA countries are more easily to execute payment fraud. (It is actually can be solved if they put cooldown for item to be put in CM
- There is pearl item quota to be sold to CM that i heard of

1) First 2 item bought in pearl shop can be sold to CM (come with cooldown, because ppl might not sell it immediately)
2) Other items (Come with cooldown, can be sold even if they exceed the quota, if cooldown passed 30d or payment fraud day)




Character Name ChillSabrina
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# 7

No, we don't have it. You have to buy it from pearl shop. (and it's only available for 30D and 90D)
Luckily we still can buy Kamasylve's Blessing from Loyalties shop~



Character Name Ethelery
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# 8

Yow hewlo~~

I think the reason our region (SEA) different with EU/NA is because they have kakaogames.

So they have their policy, i dunno at other region maybe they dont have 1 day value pack.

CMIIW,, well this is what i think maybe i wrong


Character Name Osella
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# 9

Life is rough in SEA and i doubt we will ever get loyalty value packs for loyalties.



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# 10

Na/Eu got loyalty at there 3rd year anniversary may be... Another thing to note is now we get lower weight limit in sea server when we level up... I used to get +6/level in eu server(in shai)


Character Name FriendlyFish
Main Character Shai
# 11

Really hope someday we can have loyalty VP, but for now all we can do is pray to Elion 


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